Tips on Installing a Kitchen Tile Backsplash


Backsplash kitchen tile installation can be a very good idea for your kitchen area. Most people decide to install glass or ceramic tiles to protect the walls from splashes in the kitchen. This job will take about 4 days to finish. Here's some advice to get it right the first time.

Deciding About the Area and The Cost

First choose a budget and backsplash style. If the area is small and the budget is meager, glass may be the best material for your project. Shop the options at your local home improvement store and choose something you like that is affordable.

Drawing a Plan Of the Kitchen Area

Draw a scaled plan for the backsplash to help you while you are working. Include the windows, cabinets, and doors in the plan. Use a color sampler for the curtains, wallpaper, and paint. Do not omit any important measurements.

Selecting the Backsplash

A salesperson at you local store can help you choose the best backsplash. Make sure that the tiles you select for the backsplash nonporous so that they are easy to clean. The most common material for backsplash tile is ceramic, but other popular options include recycled glass and metal. Whatever material you choose, always purchase more than is required to provide a buffer for mistakes and repairs.

Reading the Instructions

Read the instructions carefully before you start. Use the proper amount of the best adhesive and grout. The grout should match the backsplash tiles. Read the instructions for the adhesive and grout to make sure you use the correct trowel.