Four Tips When Painting a Vent Cover

A vent cover in your home can become dirty, scratched and even develop rust. It is easy to fix this eyesore and restore its original look with these tips.

1. Clean the Cover

Before you paint the vent cover, be sure it is clean. You can use a spray on cleaner or just hose it down. Small vent covers can be cleaned in your sink with a strong flow of hot water and some cleaner. Be sure the louvers, if they have them, are also clean. Make sure the cover is dry before painting it.

2. Sand Away Rust

Metal vent covers, especially those in the floor, are prone to rusting. Use sand paper or steel wool to remove this rust before painting.

3. Prime First

If your vent cover is metal, be sure to prime it first. This step is especially important if you have cleaned away rust build up.

4. Use Quality Paint

When repainting your vent covers use a good quality paint that is especially for metals. Apply 2 or 3 light coats instead of one heavy coat for the best look. Be sure to paint both sides to seal the cover. If it has louvers be sure those are well painted also.