Foyer Makeovers Consider Your Space Foyer Makeovers Consider Your Space

In Part I, we discussed the basics of a foyer makeover.  In Part II, we discuss different strategies to make your foyer unique and reflect the personality of the home owner.

Consider Your Space

Because a foyer is typically a small space, careful consideration of what you have and what you can do with it is essential.  You also may have a foyer that is two stories high, which needs special treatment.  Included in this assessment is an apartment on a second floor.  Each has special needs to make it work for you.

The Small Foyer

Space is limited here, so you need to make the most of this small space with the right colors and accouterments.  Experts suggest that you add a window to the side of the door if there is available room, and two is better - one on each side.  Suggested are French panes, etched glass and stained glass to add a touch of elegance.  This affords an opportunity to hang colorful and contrasting drapery to the front door area.  That theme can be carried over into the living room.  You can either use contrasting colors, or go with prints, patterns or florals for accents in other living areas.  This use of accents draws the guest into the living area of the home, which is really your goal, anyway.

When guests enter your foyer, the first thing they see is the rug or mat placed there.  Use this advantage to set the theme for the entire ensemble.  Be sure to use a rub with rubber backing that is non-slip to avoid falls from slippery floors.

If the foyer is very small, there are essentials that must be in place.  A bench for visitors to sit to remove boots in inclement weather, or shoes if you don't allow them in the house is a must.  If limited in space, an ornate coat rack can be placed in a corner, with sufficient hooks for expected guests.  Your entire objective should be to make your guests entry as easy as possible.

Mirrors are almost a standard accessory in a foyer.  They have the advantage of giving the space a larger look, and are essential for a lost minute check of hair or makeup when leaving the home.  Depending on the frame of the mirror, you can dress up or tone down the ambiance of the foyer.  Consider different shaped mirrors instead of the classic rectangular ones for a different feel. 

If there is room for a table in the foyer, insure that it does not impede traffic flow.  The table should be used only for a place to keep your keys, cellphone or Blackberry.  Always try to avoid making it a catch-all for whatever gets dragged into the house.

A lamp on the table is a nice touch, and it needn't be bright.  Consider a three way bulb here.

In the third part of this series, we will look at accessories that enhance the foyer, and larger settings.

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