Frameless Bath/Shower Doors

Frameless bath shower doors are doors that are installed on a bathroom shower that does not need to be attached to a frame. The hardware necessary to install the frameless bath shower door is built into the door itself. The door is typically attached in a way that allows it to open freely without the necessity of a frame assembly in order to hold the door in place.

Why Install a Frameless Bath and Shower Door

Using the frameless bath shower door is a way to achieve a different look for your bathroom by providing a more streamlined and seamless look for your bath and shower. Installing a frameless bath and shower door requires much of the same process as installing a bath and shower door to a frame. Typically an insert that is placed inside the door is placed inside guides that are installed at the top and bottom of the bath and shower where the installation takes place.

The Benefit of Frameless Bath and Shower Doors

Having bath and shower doors that are frameless give the room a more open and larger feeling. This is because the glass edges of the door are not cut off by the frame that is typically placed over the glass in order to mount the door. Frameless doors may also be easier to clean and maintain than bath and shower doors that have frames.