Frameless Glass Shower Doors: 5 Design Options

A shower with a frameless glass shower door.

Many people opt to have frameless glass shower doors in their bathrooms. They are easy to install, easy to care for, and easy to design around. Don’t think you have to pick plain doors though. There are several options for frameless glass shower doors.

1. Semi-Frameless

If you love the look of a frameless glass shower door, but don’t have the budget for it, consider a semi-frameless variety instead. Having a partial frame will save a lot of money, but still give you the elegant and seamless look of frameless glass. Many times the partial frame can be done in a variety of colors and metals and actually add to the décor. Upkeep would be no different than a full frameless variety either.

2. Flat Top

If you are looking for a classic, contemporary look for your bathroom, a flat top frameless shower door may be a good option. They are sleek, stylish, and offer a very minimalist look. You can decorate your bathroom any way you wish and not have to worry about the design of the door clashing. The flat-top doors are lower maintenance as well. You won’t have to worry about cleaning in between the partial frame, or the asymmetrical tops.

3. Asymmetrical

For those who are looking to add a unique design quality, try taking a look at the asymmetrical designs. These can be cut into many patterns. Most showrooms will have a few of this variety on display. The most common asymmetrical frameless door resembles a mountain range at the top of the glass. Cleaning the asymmetrical doors may be a little more time consuming, but well worth it for those with discerning taste.

4. Frosted

If you like the idea of glass doors, but want to maintain some privacy while in the shower, then frosted doors are a perfect option. The frosting can be slight, or thick enough to offer complete privacy. You still have many choices when choosing these doors, as they are available in many designs and patterns, and still offer the same sleek look. Care and maintenance for a frosted door will be much easier as well. Streaking, fingerprints, and hard water stains won’t show as easily on a frosted door.

5. Steam Doors

If you’ve turned your bathroom into a private sanctuary, then you may want to consider adding steam doors to the shower. These doors are designed to encase the shower entirely with tempered glass. Most offer a ventilation system at the very top towards the ceiling. Adding these doors will turn your shower into a personal steam room. These types of frameless glass doors are best suited for a large bathroom. Cleaning these doors may be time-consuming, but for those who have the time and resources for these doors, it shouldn’t be a problem.