Frameless Shower Doors Pros and Cons

Modern bathroom with white counters and frameless shower

If you are doing some remodeling in your home bathroom, one option to consider is frameless shower doors. However, you should balance the pros and cons first. The other option is a shower door with a frame.

Frameless Shower Door Cons

One of the cons to installing a frameless shower door is the lack of a "catch" at the bottom of the door to catch any dripping water. This can pose a problem for the bathroom floor if you don't keep a shower mat down or squeegee the door before you get out of the shower.

Another con to installing a frameless shower door is the expense. A frameless shower door can be several hundred dollars more than a framed shower door.

Frameless Shower Door Pros

There are many beneficial reasons to consider installing a frameless shower door. First is the increase in the value of your home. Frameless shower doors present a classy and modern look that adds value in the eyes of home buyers.

Another pro to installing a frameless shower door is the ease of care. Frameless shower doors are constructed of a heavy and thick glass that has no metal parts that are hard to clean and may eventually rust.