Framing a Corner Fireplace

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wood pieces
Wood glue
Screw driver
Nail gun
Vacuum cleaner

A corner fireplace will add so much beauty and comfort to any room. This type of fireplace in general really can be a great addition to a room that does not have a lot of wall space but has a spot that would be great for a small fireplace. Today, there are so many different sizes, styles and designs of fireplaces that it is not hard to find a model that will fit perfectly with your needs, wants and decorative tastes. To frame out a corner fireplace properly, you need the right tools and some extra patience. It is really not a hard job and does not need a lot of specialized skills to complete the project effectively. Below are the steps on how to frame a corner fireplace.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

Measure the wall space for your corner fireplace. Take the following measurements:

  1. Front Width of Fireplace
  2. Rear Width of corner fireplace
  3. Depth of Fireplace
  4. Height of Fireplace

Step 2 - Cut the Frames

Using a saw, cut pieces of wood to the appropriate dimensions. You will need to make cuts for the following pieces:

  • Length of the Fireplace (from corner to corner)
  • Two angled sides of the fireplace
  • Three pieces that measure the height of the fireplace

Step 3 - Assemble the Frame

Lay the two angle sides of the fireplace on the floor. If your floor is currently carpeted, you will need to remove the carpeting at this location and install the wood with a screw gun or nail gun on the subfloor. If your flooring is hardwood or tile, you can drill into the hardwood or into the grout and secure the wood with anchors. These two pieces are the angled pieces that will sit on the floor next to the wall. If your wall has floor molding, then remove the molding completely as it can interfere with the installation.

Next, Lay the front of the frame between the two angled pieces of wood. Nail in place.

To finish the frame, Nail the three pieces of wood that are the vertical height of your fireplace.

Step 4 - Secure with Wood Glue and Screws

To fully secure the frame together, add wood glue and screws.

Step 5 - Lay the Fireplace

Take the fireplace insert you have purchased from a home improvement center and lay it in the middle of the frame to make sure it fits appropriately. Make notations on the wood frame where you may need to add additional shims in order to ensure the frame is the proper size for the fireplace insert.

Step 6 - Clean the Floor

You have now created a bunch of dust and dirt. Before you proceed with a fireplace installation, take out the sweeper and several cloths and clean your work area completely. Discard of any open packages and any remnant wood. Throw away all of your trash before you proceed.