Framing a Dormer: Mistakes to Avoid Framing a Dormer: Mistakes to Avoid

Framing a dormer can offer you more living space with a nice view. They look great from the outside as well, and building one can be an ambitious and challenging DYI project. Because a project like this can be large and expensive you’ll want to make sure to avoid any mistakes.

Bad Ventilation

Having a dormer means you need to a have good means to ventilate air into it. When framing it, you need to allow for space to add the vent. This is unless you plan to add it on a different position on the roof.

Designing as You Build

It is a bad idea to start working on the project before you have everything sorted out. You should smooth out all the details on paper. Hiring an architect to do this for you is an even better idea, as a dormer is a fairly large undertaking that requires proper planning. Issues such as slope, headroom and structural strength are not something you should leave to chance. Plan ahead and obtain a building permit from your local building inspection department. Start the project only after all the plans have been approved and you have put together a list of materials for framing a dormer.

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