Framing and Constructing a Pole Building

What You'll Need
Post hole digger
16d nails
Roofing nails
Utility poles
2x4 and 2x6 lumber
Roof trusses
Metal roofing

A pole building is one of the easiest structures you can build. These types of buildings are normally found on farms and in areas where people need to store large pieces of equipment. Unlike traditional stick buildings, construction of a pole building requires very basic skills and tools. There is no size limitation and the materials you need are relatively inexpensive.

Step 1- Prepare Ground

Choosing the correct piece of ground for your pole building is the most important part of the whole process. Select a level piece of ground that has good drainage. If the land is covered with sod or brush, remove it so the ground is bare before you begin. You can add a layer of gravel to the area of you like.

Step 2- Stake out Ground and Dig Post Holes

Typically a pole building is not set on a foundation or slab. Spend time to make sure that your posts will be set exactly at 90 degree angles from each other. Stake the ground where you are going to put the posts and mark it by tying string between the points. This will give you an idea of where your building should be placed. Dig the post holes and place the 2 x 4 posts at eight foot intervals. Pour a shallow concrete base and add up to 6 inches of gravel. Pack the gravel down tightly.

Step 3- Erect Poles and Roof Stringers

Set the poles into the holes you have dug. As you position each pole, brace it in a plumb position while you fill the hole with concrete. Continue to set each pole. Brace each pole until the concrete has set. Attach the stringers for the roof. Stringers need to be attached very well because the roof will be resting on them.

Step 4- Install Roof Trusses

On top of the stringers, install the roof trusses. Brace the trusses with poles to hold the trusses securely in place. Once all the trusses are in place, nail the 2x4 purlin strips to the outside of each stringer to provide added support to the roof.

Step 5- Install Roofing Tin and Walls

Start at a top corner and begin working your way across the roof. Set the roofing material in place and secure it with metal roof screws. Add a metal ridge cap and side edges to complete the roof. Caulk the seams to provide a water tight seal. Nail the 2x4 lumber to the poles as nailing points for the plywood sheets that will make up the wall. Leave an area open in the front of the pole building for a doorway. After all the plywood has been attached to the 2x4's, your pole building is ready to be painted.  Paint will protect your building from the weather.