Free Standing Wood Burning Fireplaces Made Easy

Free Standing Wood Burning Fireplaces are modern fireplaces that are not integrated into the house’s layout, allowing homeowners to install them wherever they see fit. They combine the time-tested wood-burning technology with the convenience and efficiency of modern technology.

Free Standing Fireplace Basics

Free standing wood fireplaces share many features with their larger, more traditional counterparts. They both have a firebox, some kind of a chimney and at least one damper in order to function. The fire is started and maintained the same way as it would in larger fireplaces. But unlike their older counterparts, the free standing fireplaces usually have a number of modern features, which include:

  • fire doors – the doors attached to the front of the firebox. When closed, they keep the heat in.
  • fireplace blower or heater – a device that takes the stored heat and distributes it evenly throughout the room.
  • thermometer – allows the owner to gauge the temperature inside the fireplace and chance it as necessary.
  • cooking top – in some models, the top surface of the fireplace can be used to cook wood when the fire is burning.

Installing a Free Standing Fireplace

Free standing fireplaces present many options. They can be installed in any room, and some models can even be installed in a yard or on a patio. Before installing it, you must make the following preparations.

  • Check the building codes to make sure the installation and related preparations are legal.
  • Line the installation area with heat-resistant material such as stone and brick. This base must extend at least 18 inches in front of the fireplace and 10 inches on the other sides. Furthermore, the fireplace must be at least 36 inches from any wall. 
  • Make sure the smoke has somewhere to escape by constructing an outlet.  Usually, it is a simple matter of drilling the hole through the roof and inserting a pipe that would connect the roof and the ventilation area. The roof end of the pipe must be higher than the winter snowline.

Once that is taken care of, place the stove on the installed base and connect its chimney to the outlet. Be sure to get some help -the fireplace is too heavy to be moved by one person own, and the entire process may require more then one pair of hands