Freestanding Bathtub Basics

Recent trends in nostalgia have marked a return in popularity of freestanding bathtubs. This has translated into a great variety from which to choose in today’s market. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a freestanding bathtub.

Style Matters
Since nostalgia for things old has marked a return to choosing a freestanding bathtub, many consumers choose an antique look. Make sure the style fits the décor chosen. Also decide the material such as acrylic, cast iron, crystallite, granite, marble and even wood.

Size Also Matters

Make sure before you select a bathtub you measure the area where it will be placed. Freestanding bathtubs require more room than modern varieties. Also keep in mind the need for piping connections and a possible base upon which to mount the tub. Shape is an important consideration, too and is available in that antique classic oval as well as any other square, rectangle or round variety. Check to see if the model you are considering has legs for elevation or made need a separately purchased stand or platform.

Check the Plumbing
Examine all plumbing features that come with your tub to make sure that they are not only complete but also will connect with your household water delivery and drain piping.