Freestanding Cooker

A freestanding cooker is any compact to full-size appliance that requires no built-in or wall-mounted installation. Aside from freestanding oven ranges, which fall into another category all together, freestanding cookers include slow, rice, pressure and jet cookers as well as steam, ceramic, soup, fish and countertop induction cooktops. The range of countertop cookers is extensive. Numerous freestanding cookers from brands like Hamilton Beach, Avanti, Deni, Cuisinart and Sunpentown, among others, are multifunctional. Cook rice, soup, a roast or a wide variety of other meals with the flip of a switch.

Freestanding Cooker Advantages

Whether it's a rice cooker or a toaster/broiler combo oven, a freestanding cooker's biggest advantage is movability. Although not fully portable (except with select outdoor units like jet cookers), simply unplug a freestanding cooker and move it to its new location, or store it tidily away when not in use. Countertop appliances such as steamers, slow roasters and others are very easy to keep clean. Most feature a removable cooking pot, rack and/or grease trap along with convenient nonstick interior surfaces that make cleanup easy.

Other Information

Freestanding cookers can range in price from $20 to several hundred or even thousands, depending on the type of cooker and its application. Commercial cookers generally cost more, while home models differ according to quality, brand, capabilities and features.