French Front Doors on a Budget

Shopping for French front doors is a much simpler task than you have imagined. You will need to reserve some time to research and gather the facts about these type doors and compare what you find. Even if you are on a budget, adding elegance to your home with French front doors can be done.

Choose Door Material

French front doors provide your home an impressive and unique look. These doors are made from a variety of materials such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. All four finishes will add character to your home. Fiberglass doors have grown in popularity because of the low maintenance and durability of the material. Doors made of fiberglass won't show signs of wear like doors constructed from the other materials. If you live in an area that frequently experiences inclimate weather and high winds, a fiberglass constructed door will be an excellent choice.

Choose Door Design

There are a few different styles of French front doors that can deliver the look you want for your home. Traditional solid wood doors have been used to effectively beautify homes while still allowing the ability to clearly see who visits through clear or stained glass borders on either side of the doors. High maintenance, however, has been a deterrent for most homeowners.

Glass designed French front doors are popular on many homes. These designs can come in solid clear glass or stained glass from the exterior while providing a clear view for the homeowner from the interior. Glass designed doors add luxury and visual appeal to any home.

Homes with arched French front doors give your home a distinct, elegant and bold front entrance. These doors are designed to match the architecture of any home. Creatively arched glass designs above the door with accented lighting will catch the eye of your visitors and passers-by.

Safety and Security

Continuous quality design has increased the safety and security of French front doors. Most designs of these doors consist of larger amounts of glass than the wood or other material that accents them. For increased safety, the glass in a French door is made extra thick to resist shatter or breakage. The security of French doors has also been enhanced with the latest technology in locking mechanisms and hinges that are high-security to protect against tampering.

Staying within Your Budget

Staying within the boundaries of your budget while adding appeal, luxury and value to your home with French front doors is strongly possible. Knowing the type of material and design of your French front door prepares you to make a solid purchasing decision. Research the doors you want online and compare what you find to your favorite local home improvement store.

If your budget is $2500 maximum, your style and taste for your front entrance will determine if you stay within the budget. After you complete your comparative shopping, choosing the best material for the price and electing to do a self-installation rather than a professional install will save you significant money and will keep you within your set budget.