French Front Doors That Will Impress Your Guests French Front Doors That Will Impress Your Guests

There are many french front doors that are designed to inspire awe while impressing visitors and guests to your home. You can choose from traditional wood french doors, arched french doors and french doors with unusual glass decorations.

Traditional Wood French Doors

Traditional wood french doors have been installed in homes for many years. The attraction of these doors is that they provide an open feeling for homes and allow homeowners to see who is out in the front of the house before opening the door. Traditional wood french doors, however, require a great deal of maintenance.

Arched French Doors

Arched french doors make a spectacular front entry statement. Designed to architecturally blend with almost any building style, these doors often include not only the arched door with square glass panels, but side lights and above the door truncheons.

Distinctive Glass Designs

While most french front doors have clear or frosted glass, there are french doors designs that are more unusual. These front doors include glass inserts that are made of stained glass and specially designed sand blasted frosted glass. Some glass doors are designed to look frosted from the outside but are transparent from the inside. This gives the homeowner the ability to see who's at their door without the visitor knowing.

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