From Earbuds to Speakers From Earbuds to Speakers

What You'll Need
ear buds
4 disposable cups
thick paper
hot glue gun

If you have an old pair of earbuds lying around that you are no longer using, you can quickly turn them into a pair of speakers for your electronic devices using disposable cups to act as a megaphone. When used in their typical fashion, the sound from your earbuds is dispersed in every direction around them. If you force sound into one area, it becomes louder and clearer. By connecting your earbuds through the interior of cups, you can direct the sound into a specific area, turning the earbuds into effective speakers.

Step 1 - Prepare the Glue Gun

Plug in your hot glue gun so that it has enough time to heat up. If the glue is not hot enough, it will not effectively adhere to the cups. Be particularly careful when working with your glue gun -- hot glue can easily burn your skin. Make sure that you place your hot glue gun in a safe place to cool off when you are finished making your speakers.

Step 2 - Make Holes in Your Cups

Use a toothpick to create a small hole through the bottom of 2 of your cups. Use your scissors to snip the small hole into a small X.

Step 3 - Insert Your Earbuds

Gently push one of your earbuds through the "X" in one of your cups. Once the bud is through the "X" and inside the cup, position the flaps back into place. Lightly pull back on the wire so that the back of the bud is positioned against the bottom of the inside of the cup, and the top of the bud is facing out toward the cup opening. Use your tape to secure the wire into place on the outside of the bottom of the cup. When you have the first earbud properly positioned, push the second earbud through the "X" in the other cup. Secure the wire with tape.

Step 4 - Create Speaker Stands

Create stands for your speaker with the second set of cups. Turn the cups upside down and place them onto your surface. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of the cup. Carefully place one of your homemade speakers onto the glued section of the cup. Hold it in place for about ten seconds. Apply glue to the bottom of the second cup and position the other speaker into place. Hold it for about ten seconds as well. This will ensure that the cup adheres to the glue.

Step 5 - No Cups? No Problem

If you do not have any disposable cups on hand, you can create the speakers with some thick paper. Take a piece of 8X10 inch paper and fold it in half so that it is 8X4 inches in size. Cut the folded paper into a semicircle. Unfold the paper and cut along the folded line so that you have two half-circle shapes. Form the shape into a cone, leaving a small hole at the point. Secure the cone shape with tape. Gently push one of your earbuds through the hole. Lightly pull on the wire so that the bud is positioned against the paper. Tape the wire to the outside of the cone. Follow the same steps with the second earbud. Lay your new speakers on your counter top.

Step 6 - Enjoy Your New Speakers

Connect your earbuds to your device and turn the volume to the highest level possible.

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