Front Brake Repair: 4 Tips to Prevent Dragging Front Brake Repair: 4 Tips to Prevent Dragging

Front brake repair requires more than just replacing discs and a little fluid. You need to make sure that you install and align them properly so that there is not any future or immediate damage to the brake system. In this article we are going to take you through a few steps that will help prevent your brakes from dragging. Dragging is when you brakes are slightly engaged even when you are not applying the brake pedal. Not enough to stop the vehicle or you even to notice except with increased gas consumption or a pull on the steering wheel.

1. Checking the Calipers for Damage

When you are replacing the discs or rotors, even the drums, check the calipers. Rusted, bent or damaged calipers can cause the brakes to drag. Make sure that you either replace the calipers if necessary or clean them up, if possible. A damaged caliper with corroded bushings or mounting pins would also cause the dragging to occur.

2. Emergency Brake Cable

Perhaps the easiest fix of them all would be if you check the emergency brake cable for sticking. This would cause the brake to be slightly engaged while driving. You really cannot tell if the brake is sticking by the release of the interior brake release. You will have to check the cable as you go around the wheels. Check out the cable itself and see if it is overstretched. Sometimes just a simple maintenance will prevent a larger problem.

3.  Checking out the Drum Brake

On brake drums there are springs that effectively retract and expand when the brakes are in use. A broken spring or one that has been overstretched can cause dragging as well. Replacing these springs will prevent this from happening. The self adjusters on the drums need to be checked also. If they are overextended they need to be replaced to prevent the brakes from dragging.

4.  Rechecking All the Components

Checking the wear patterns on the disc brake pads can give you a good idea of what is causing your brakes to drag. If they are worn unevenly on one side that is a sign that your calipers are to blame. Keeping up regular maintenance on your brakes will prevent any of the damages we have described from happening. A regular check of the brakes and rotating the tires will keep things on an even keel. When you take your automobile in for service, if they don't completely check out your brake system, take your car to a brake shop to have a usually free inspection done. If you are doing the work yourself, make sure you fully go over all the aspects we covered above. The most important way to prevent any dragging of the brakes from happening is to keep a record of when and what you had done to your brakes.

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