Front Door Replacement: Steel vs. Fiberglass Front Door Replacement: Steel vs. Fiberglass

When considering a front door replacement, homeowners are often confused by so many options, including steel doors and fiberglass doors, available in the market. Selecting the right material for a front door can be a difficult decision, as several factors like pricing, durability and ease of maintenance need to be taken into account.


Fiberglass doors are made using panels of fiberglass attached together by aluminum frames. These doors come in a variety of designs and shades that look similar to a wooden door. They are filled with an insulating compound, which greatly improves their thermal capability. The main benefits of these doors are that they don’t require much maintenance and can last very long even under extreme weather conditions.


Steel is one of the most durable and low maintenance building materials. Steel doors are tough and can provide security to the household. They are not as energy efficient as the fiberglass ones, as the heat or cold can easily pass through it. However, steel doors with double shells and insulating layer are available that have better thermal property. They are susceptible to dents and scratches. They also need to be painted regularly in order to avoid rusting.

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