Front Door Replacement: Steel vs. Wood Front Door Replacement: Steel vs. Wood

Most homeowners are presented with a difficult choice when selecting an appropriate material for their front door replacement, especially when the choice is between steel and wood. While wood has been used from centuries, steel is known for its durability.


Steel doors are the most durable door type, and they are also extremely secure. Galvanized steel used to manufacture these doors can resist rust longer, and they require a very low amount of maintenance. Steel doors are strong. They don’t chip, crack or wrap. They contain insulating foam that prevents the heat from escaping the house as well as the cold outside air from entering the home. The doors are quite light, easy to assemble and operate. They are vulnerable to dents and scratches.


The traditional look of doors made from wood is unmatched. Many homeowners prefer wooden doors because they enhance the aesthetic appearance of the whole house. They can be easily polished, painted or stained in any color of choice. The doors are quite strong and durable. However, they require lots of maintenance. They need to be repainted or refinished every other year. The wooden doors can easily rot, crack or warp when exposed to hot and humid conditions. They are also more costly than steel ones.

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