Front Door Security Surveillance: What You Should Know

Front door security surveillance is important for a number of reasons. Many break-ins at people's homes occur through the front door and unrecognized visitors will often approach the door, making a camera at the front door a highly sensible and useful investment for many people.

Things to Consider with Front Door Surveillance

Front door cameras have two major difficulties. The most notable is that lighting will often be insufficient for the camera to capture a useable image. Most security cameras, when placed effectively, are located in a position where they take advantage of an area with optimal light, especially at night. At the front door, however, the camera will have to be able to operate in bright sun and the darkness of night, so aiming at an area that receives shade during the day and street or porch light during the evening hours can be helpful. Also take into account whether the camera will be exposed to bright lights from passing cars at night when deciding on placement. To prevent problems, it's best to invest in a front door camera which automatically adjusts to lighting conditions.

The other difficulty with front door cameras is finding a useable position that will capture the image you need in front of the door. In most locations, the camera can be placed  to capture the face of a person who approaches the door, despite being significantly higher than the person. If placed too high at the front door, however, it will only reveal the top of person’s head. To accommodate for this, the camera should be placed level with a normal person’s height.

In sum, cameras designed to attach directly to the door are a good option for overcoming increasing the security of your home.