Frosted Glass Windows

Frosted glass windows offer privacy with minimal loss of light.

Frosted glass windows are most common in bathrooms, where privacy is important. Frosting diffuses the light, blurring out the view through the window. Frosted glass windows may still need curtains or window treatments for full privacy, as frosting does not totally obscure the view.

Partially frosted designs in window panels on entry doors are also common. These are usually more decorative than functional for privacy, depending on the extent of the frosting in the design.

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Installing frosted glass
Permanent window frosting is done either by sandblasting or acid etching the glass panes. Both techniques are best left to professionals. Frosted glass windows are available as full window inserts that skilled homeowners can install themselves.

DIY alternatives
Frosted glass window films offer an inexpensive DIY alternative to permanent window frosting. The films are removable and can even be cut to make designs for entryways. Krylon makes a frosted glass finishing spray that applies to glass like spray paint.

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