Fun Activity Ideas for Easter Fun Activity Ideas for Easter

Hippety, hoppity, Easter is on its way! Be ready with these great Easter celebration ideas. What should you do to make this year a memorable one for yourself and your family? There's plenty of activities to fill the day - host an egg hunt, have a party or sit down to a springtime theme brunch for the best Easter ever.

Creative Easter Crafts

You can get into the Easter mood ahead of time by having some crafts ready for when the guests arrive. Don't worry - these ideas are quick and inexpensive (but look impressive!).

  • Make bird's nest mini Easter baskets
    Purchase some inexpensive rattan for a natural look (you can find this at WalMart or in any crafts store). Buy plastic green berry containers, faux flowers, or tiny craft birds and butterflies. Also, now is the time to reuse any springtime emblems you may have around the house. Perhaps you have an old wallhanging of flowers that's looking a little ratty? It's great for Easter! You'll be able to take apart the elements and add them for the decorations.) Also pick up plastic green strawberry containers.

    Fill the berry containers with about a palmful of the rattan to look like a "nest," then tie or glue decorations to the outside of the container. Toss in a handful of candy and you're done! For a more elaborate project, try growing grass in your basket, as seen here.

  • Make your own Easter party invitations
    This project truly couldn't be easier. Find profiles online of the Easter bunny, rabbit ears or eggs. Fold your invite in half and trace three quarters of the image on paper. Cut it out so you have your ears, bunny or egg shown twice but still stuck together. Add the appropriate text (such as the party date and time) and decorate with the appropriate theme (some grass in your egg card to make it look like a nest, some images of carrots if you have bunny cards, etc.)

    If your guests live nearby, find large plastic eggs in craft stores and roll your invitation into each one. Tape shut, wrap in decorative paper, and leave them in your friend's mailboxes. Or, if you have to mail them, nestle them in small boxes.

  • Decorate for spring
    A few inexpensive items can to a long way toward giving the party area a springtime look. Buy rolls of crepe paper in springtime colors, or use up the last of old rolls you may have around the house. Drape these around the front door, loop them through your gate and hang them from the ceiling of the party area. Toss some glitter or confetti on the serving table cloth, then add a small basket or bowl of colored eggs in the middle as the centerpiece.

The Best Easter Egg Hunt

For older kids, try an "Easter scavenger hunt." Divide children into two or three groups and have them start looking for clues. One clue leads to another ("Peter Cottontail stops here to drop an egg" is a hilarious suggestion to indicate the next clue is in the bathroom, for example) until the kids come upon the grand prize - a small solid bunny each. Chocolate bunnies can probably be found for a discount if you wait until the week before Easter to buy, when there are often markdowns on candy.

Younger children will love an old-fashioned egg hunt. Your best bet is to enclose the candy in plastic eggs, so they don't get stepped on and ruined. Know your age group - for preschoolers, let the colorful eggs stick out a little from their hiding places; elementary school age kids will appreciate more of a challenge, with the eggs hidden in unusual or unexpected spots.

Easter Eats

Small finger foods are best, whether the party is for grownups or children. The reason small, grabbable foods are great is that children will want to eat on the go as they play, while adults appreciate the tea party/garden party food serving style.

  • Cut the crusts off sandwiches, add the filling and cut into four triangles each for adults. For kids, cut shapes out of the bread slices with Easter shaped cookie cutters (rabbits, eggs, etc.)
  • Have pasta or potato salads available for adults. Salads typify the traditional spring picnic or garden party. Be sure to place small plastic serving bowls, not large, flimsy or unwieldy plates, on the table.
  • Put out bowls of grab-and-go snack items. Chips, pretzels, get the idea; they're all easy to munch on, they don't stain and all age groups love them.
  • Forget soda - there's enough sugar going on at this fun and fabulous party! Try 100% fruit juice, water, milk, iced tea and lemonade for children.
  • For a grown-up treat, serve iced coffee with a few great flavorings. Look in your grocer's refrigerated section for coffee flavorings, such as hazelnut, mocha and French vanilla. Be ready with ice-filled glasses.

One last word on kids and Easter parties: if there will be a lot of running around, particularly outdoors, make sure you note on the invitations that guests should arrive in comfortable clothing. This way, that white Easter dress or adorable slacks-and-a-tie can stay in the closet and remain pristine for a less physical event in the future. Happy Easter!

Written by Chris Molnar, editor of Click here for tons of theme party ideas. Chris has two young children whose eldest had a blast at her first neighborhood easter egg hunt last year. He's planning another one this year, where his youngest will be able to partake in the chocolate goodness that comes with Easter bunnies and eggs!

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