Funny Ideas for Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be wondering how to create  do it yourself Halloween costumes. The benefits of do it yourself Halloween costumes are numerous: less expensive, better quality and because you are able to add a special personal touch, the costume will be personalized to your liking and unique for your personality. What are some funny ideas for do it yourself Halloween costumes?

Operation Game

On a large piece of poster board or a refrigerator box, use permanent markers to design the operation game board. Outline the patient's body and then add on the original pieces, such as the writer's cramp, bread basket, spare ribs, funny bone, etc. Attach a red wire with large tweezers on the end. To make this costume more spectacular, have the person wear a hospital gown under the game board. Complete the costume with a red nose and prepare yourself for plenty of laughs.

Gender Specific Opposites

Anything that is normally gender specific, such as a princess for a female, can be used for a funny costume. Men can dress up as princesses, pregnant women or the tooth fairy. Another funny costume for a man is the famous Hooters girl attire. Wear a pair of short orange shorts or sew your own if you cannot find any at the store. Purchase a Hooters shirt, making sure it is tight fitting and short. For added humor, sew two pieces of flesh-colored felt or fabric together and stuff with foam. Sew the "breasts" onto the bottom of the Hooters shirt. Complete the costume with a wig and a serving tray.

Lost Dog

For a confident adult that is secure with their weight, or someone who is capable of dressing as an overweight elderly woman, this costume will evoke abundant laughter. For a slender person, needing some extra cushion, purchase one of the traditional inflatable costumes that are common this time of year, such as the Sumo wrestler. Find a plus size dress at a local thrift store to wear over the inflatable costume. Once the inflatable costume is on, wear the dress over top, making yourself look like an overweight woman. To the back of the dress, attach a stuffed dog with safety pins, scrunched into the dress. Complete the costume with a "lost dog" sign made out of poster board or cardboard, attached to a handle, high heels and a wig that resembles an elderly woman. For added humor, you may also choose to carry a cane.