Furnace Air Filter Furnace Air Filter

A furnace air filter is a device that is used to cover the air intake in standard heating and cooling furnaces. These devices enable the free flow of air into the system for temperature regulation, but trap dust and debris.

Importance of changing a furnace air filter

A furnace air filter is one part of this type of machine that homeowners can replace on a regular basis. In fact, routine replacement or cleaning is a part of proper maintenance. When a furnace air filter isn’t kept clean or fresh problems can arise. They might include:

  • System blockage – When a furnace air filter does not allow air to freely flow through, a unit can seize up and stop working.
  • Air quality problems – Running a unit without a furnace air filter enables the air intake to suck in all manner of contaminants. This can be particularly bad for people with allergies.

Types of furnace air filter designs

There are several different furnace air filter types. They include:

  • Standard – This type of furnace air filter is meant to block large particles from getting into the unit.
  • HEPA – HEPA or allergy furnace air filter models are designed to trap very tiny particles and stop them from getting into the air circulating in a home.
  • Washable – This type of furnace air filter does not require replacing; only washing.

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