Furnace Duct: Belt Drive Motor Installation

What You'll Need
Screw driver
Safety Goggles
Twist drill

Any house installed furnace duct needs regular care and maintenance. The function of the furnace in the house is to create a required amount of energy, and then spread it around the house. Since the needs of an entire functioning household are vast, the furnace system needs to be kept in tip top shape to ensure that there are no faulty mechanisms, no inefficient parts, no accidents and no mishaps. The belt drive motor is one of the most crucial parts of the furnace system and needs regular upkeep.

Installing a Belt Drive Motor in the Furnace Duct

Installing a belt drive motor is a simple enough affair if one has the right product, accurate knowledge and some sound guidance to help one through the process.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Motor

Before beginning the installation process, it is important to purchase the belt drive motor that is specifically suited to your furnace duct type. Some motors come with a capacitor attached on top of them. These kinds of motors require a special category of systems and are hence recognized as Capacitor Start Motor and also known as High Starting Torque Motor. Once the kind of motor has been identified and purchased the installation process can begin. Putting in a new belt drive motor according to the manual is an easy task as these motors are generally placed upright on the ground and do not need much maneuvering or complex placing.

Step 2: Unscrew The Old Motor

If you're replacing an old motor, the belt can often be reused. The belt drive motor has mounting bolts affixed to it and these need to be undone in order to be able to remove the belt. One can always reuse the same belts but if the purpose is to put in new belts the original ones will have to be done away with. The bolts that hold the belt down in place have to be loosened first and then the belt is to be removed by slackening it. This is done by thrusting the motor forward in the direction of the blower to relax the degree of tension in the belt. Some belt drive motors that do not use the standard system of motors need to be specially handled and come with instructions attached to the movable panels of the furnace ducts.

Step 3: Position New Motor Correctly

After the new motor has been put in the new belts should be placed into position and then the mounting bolts should be screwed back tightly. While turning the mounting bolts into place, it is important to maintain the precise degree of tension required in the belt. The tension in the belt is to counteract the pressure that is exerted on the bearings of the furnace system and hence it is imperative to achieve the precise degree of tension to make sure that the bearings do not get worn out too fast. To make sure that the belt has the right amount of tension one needs to move it to the center of the motor between the pulleys and feel the surface to make sure it is fixed correctly. After the bolts have been tightened and the belt is attached back in place the motor is ready to work.