Furnace Duct Cleaning Tips

One of the problems associated with central heating is the accumulation of dust in the furnace ducts, making furnace duct cleaning a necessity. This dust can lead to health problems and inefficiency with your central heating.

A Quick Fix

You may be able to get some relief from problems by cleaning as far into the ducts as you can by using your vacuum cleaner hose. The reason this is only a short term solution is that your vacuum cleaner doesn’t reach very far and probably doesn’t filter out enough of the fine dust and puts it back into circulation in the house.

The Professional Approach

A professional duct cleaning company will clean the whole furnace system including the heat exchanger and cooling coils. One approach they use is a truck mounted vacuum that is connected to your ducts through a long hose designed for the job. The vacuum is very powerful and, with a few specialist tools, can clean every part of your ducts. If you live in a hard water area the cleaning of the heat exchanger is very important because a build up of lime scale slows down the flow of water and reduces the heating efficiency of the burners.

Clean Them Properly

The problem that many people do not recognize is that if you don’t make a thorough job of your duct cleaning, you have probably made the problem worse. Dirt and dust that you might have loosened can form a new accumulation and will continue interfering with the air flow through your ducts.

Your furnace ducts can have a direct impact on your health, so if they need to be cleaned don’t sacrifice quality for price.