Beautify Your Home Office Furniture: File Cabinets Uncovered

A filing cabinet.

By putting some time and research into the selection of your furniture file cabinets, you can enjoy them as not just functional tools, but also as pieces of your décor that are stylish in their own right.

Types of Furniture File Cabinets

You can choose from solid wood such as oak or cherry, solid steel, or a combination such as a wood frame around drawers with metal or glass faces. Furniture file cabinets range from one to five drawers, and, with choices rivaling those of regular furniture, include mission/bungalow, shaker, contemporary, or traditional styles.

Opening methods can include traditional hardware pulls, pulls that are recessed and level with the drawer, or a streamlined style that foregoes hardware by crafting the handle right into the drawer face. Casters may be included for mobility.

Creative Ideas for Furniture File Cabinets

You can enhance the functionality of your furniture file cabinets by making them into a desk. Place a pair of two-drawer file cabinets a sufficient distance apart and bridge them with a slab of ¼-inch thick glass long enough to cover the entire surface of both cabinets.