Furniture Paint: What Type to Use

A  woman spray paints a chair.

Outdated, dingy furniture is not something you have to settle for. Instead, you can freshen it up with furniture paint. The best type of paint will depend on the item you are looking to refresh.

Wood Furniture

In most cases, the best type of paint to use for wood furniture is an oil-based enamel. This type of paint will adhere to the surface well and it will also stand up to the wear and tear that furniture tends to get. Before you paint, sand the surface of the wood to create a smooth surface, and then use an oil-based primer as this will help the paint stick.

Metal Furniture

If you are painting metal furniture, you should also use a primer. With this type of furniture, a latex paint or oil-based paint would work best.

Plastic Furniture

If the furniture is made out of plastic, a spray paint that is designed to adhere to plastic is your best bet.