Furniture Reupholstery Tips Furniture Reupholstery Tips

An easy way to save money but update furniture is reupholstery. In other words, rather than trash the old favored piece, re-do it so it looks and feels like it used to. While it may sound like a difficult task to reupholster a favorite easy chair, ottoman, dining room seats or sofa, once you have the right tips, it is fairly simple. Here are some ideas and suggestions to consider when thinking about reupholstery.

Fabric Types

First, decide what kind of new look you want for the piece of furniture and then what kind of fabric would look best. Do you want something with a pattern? A simple design? A new color that will add a different ambiance to the room? Reupholstery fabrics come in all shapes, sizes, qualities, colors and designs.

Where to Buy

A good place to buy new upholstery fabric for your sofa, ottoman, dining room chairs and other furnishings is at a design center, home improvement store or a regular fabric store that carries quality upholstery fabric.  Be sure you choose upholstery-quality fabric that is heavier and made for such a task as reupholstery, because regular fabric will not be sturdy enough and will not last. It can easily tear when you re-apply it to the furniture in question.

Determining Fabric Amount

Measure your furniture to learn how much fabric yardage is needed. Also, determine what kind of budget you want to follow so you don’t go overboard.

Use Correct Tools

Once you have the fabric chosen and the amount required, you will need the appropriate reupholster tools, such as staple gun, hammer or mallet, glue gun, filler or cotton batting that goes a under the fabric, scissors, and tacks.

Get Help

Consider asking a friend or family member to help, since reupholstering furniture can be a cumbersome task. You might need someone to hold the piece down while you cover it in fabric or staple it.

A Proper Work Environment

Make sure you have a lot of space where you can spread out the fabric and furniture. Consider working in the garage, yard, patio or sunroom, where there is a lot of room. You will need space to cut, move the furniture from place to place and use the other tools in a free area.

What to Wear

In an effort to keep yourself from getting hurt or cut, you will need safety glasses, heavy gloves and heavy clothing to protect your eyes, skin and body from staples, tools and moving furniture.

Before Starting

Be sure you remove all the old staples, tacks, and upholstery from the item before you reupholster. Make sure it is down to its bare minimum, but do not discard the pieces, since they will be your guide and pattern for cutting the new fabric.

Wood Legs

Does your furniture that you are redoing have wood legs? They, too, might need to be revamped. Sand them down so they are smooth and then revarnish them either clear or stain them a new deep cheery, mahogany or whatever turns you on.



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