Furniture You Can Easily Build Yourself

Many are thinking about how to ‘keep green’ with cool furniture. Building your own furniture can be rewarding in its own right, but creating unique, inexpensive and fun furniture can really make a shabby house a fun home.

Spending high and looking pricy is out and getting great deals, doing it yourself, and going green are the popular way to go right.  You can ignore the pricy imported furniture, and take a trip to your local junkyard instead. Not only will you not lighten your wallet, but you’ll impress your friends with your hip furniture.  Here’s a few things you can build yourself.

Steering Wheel End Table

Glass table tops are still in and this steering wheel end table is not only cheap, but has a fun classic look.  Take a trip out to the local car junkyard and have fun looking.  You can take a steering wheel from a classic junker for about $12 or less sometimes.  Then you’ll want to pick up a crankshaft and a flywheel.  All of this together is probably less than $30.  The worst part of this project is getting all the grease and oil of the crankshaft and flywheel.  Then you’ll put on your welding mask.  The flywheel is the base of the table.  You’ll weld the crankshaft to the flywheel, and then top it off with the steering wheel.  After all of that, attach a piece glass to the steering wheel, polish it up and you’ve got a great car themed table.

Coffee Table From Reclaimed Wood

Getting old wood has never been a problem.  If you have an uncle who just tore down an old shed, or a buddy who redid his deck, even a junk yard that might be filled with old railroad ties, then you’re in business.

Start off by cutting four long pieces of the same size to use as sides for your table.  Then you’ll need four short pieces for the base of the table.  Glue the base to the sides.  Add some angle anchors to keep it stable and then let the glue dry.  Do this for the other three sides.  Then you can sand and stain. Often times beautiful wood lies just beneath the surface that’s been weather beaten, or has a trendy distressed look.

Create a frame plywood sheet by attaching strips that you’ve cut from the reclaimed wood.  Make sure to leave an edge of about ¼” on side.  Let that dry.  Now you’re going to screw frame sheet on each base with angle anchors.  Cut 1/8” tiles from the reclaimed wood, enough of those to make sure the frame is completely covered. Glue these evenly across and then let dry.  Once that’s dry you’ll pour epoxy on the wood tiles and let dry again.  
You can either buy door pulls or find some old ones from the junkyard, and attach them to the sides of the table.  Then you need to put some non-slip discs on those door pulls.

Get a piece of glass in the shape you want that fits to the top of the table.  This piece is probably best bought new for safety reasons. But you can chance on a glass piece from an old coffee table.