Gable Roof Addition Mistakes to Avoid

A gable roof addition can look great on any home. Any kind of addition will require proper planning to avoid problems. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by those adding to their roofs and information about what you can do to avoid them.

Not Checking Ordinances

This can be a costly mistake. Local building codes can vary, and without checking in to these you risk building something that isn't with in code. You can end up paying a fine, or worse, having to remove the addition you worked so hard on. Take the time to check the local regulations, getting the permits needed, and planning properly to avoid wasting time and money on an unapproved structure.

Not Accounting for Drainage

The pitch will have a lot to do with how well the roof drains. The higher the pitch, the faster water will run down the roof. With a gable roof, the pitch is normally not terribly high. You will need to make sure you are accounting for drainage needs, the pitch itself, and the materials used to determine what kind of drainage system will work best. Water left to accumulate on any part of the roof can cause damage later down the road, and become costly to repair.

You also need to plan for gutters. If the water is allowed to just flow down the side of your home, it can cause water spots and damage to the siding or exterior finishing of the home. 

Not Planning Properly

Even if you are experienced in building, a proper plan is still necessary. Without a proper plan, you are building blindly. The blueprints should be scaled, clear, and easy to read. Have all of your materials up front, and allow for waste when you purchase the materials. 

Not Venting Correctly

All roofs need some kind of vent system to prevent moisture from building up inside. Heat will also need to be able to escape to keep your home comfortable. Not allowing a roof to vent can cause serious damage to the roof which can be costly and time consuming to repair.

Not Using the Correct Materials

Skimping on materials to save costs on the installation of the gable roof addition can be a costly mistake later. Make sure you are using materials that are of quality, and are correct for the project. If you have questions about the best materials, seek a professional opinion. It may cost you some extra for a consultation, but it prevent you from wasting money on mistakes.

Not Asking for Help

If you've never installed a roof addition, it's a good idea to contact a professional for assistance. A professional contractor can help you with all steps of the process, from planning, to getting permits, to the actual construction. A contractor will also be able to install the addition much faster than you can on your own, since they will generally have a crew working with them.