Gable Roof Construction Tips

The gable roof is the most common roof you will find in home construction. It looks great, offers excellent room for insulation and improves efficiency. Before you begin construction on a gable roof, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Planning the construction of your roof is the most important aspect. If you don’t plan the roof out completely and with care, you will risk having to go behind yourself and redo a lot of the work.


The time of the year and the weather conditions will be a big factor in how easy it will be to install a gable roof. During rainy or snowy weather, construction can not only be difficult, it can become dangerous as your materials will be slippery.


You must be able to take completely accurate measurements. There is no room for being even a 1/4 inch off on the measurements. It’s best to measure 3 times when purchasing the materials for your gable roof.


The higher the pitch of the roof, the more complicated it will be to construct. The taller the pitch, the harder it will be to design the truss. It’s not impossible to do, it just may require a professional and end up costing you quite a bit more.