Gable Roof Framing 101

Gable roof framing is an important first step in building a gable roof. When you set out to build a gable roof, you'll notice how easy gable roof framing is. The following article will explain why gable roof framing is important and should be done carefully.

Why Do Gable Roof Framing?

A gable roof is great in an area where you are brutalized by snow and rain. Unlike other roof types, the gable roof does not collect or pool moisture, which can cause rotting, mold and mildew. The gable roof is not often used as a livable space and instead serves as an attic. Gable roof framing can be done on the ground and then lifted in place, but it can also be built directly onto the home. How you do gable roof framing is determined by how much help you have and your budget. A gable roof can add value to your home and may even lower insurance premiums.

The Basic Gable Roof Frame

Gable roof framing is not a difficult job, as the actual frame is easy to construct. Measure the length and width of the area where the gable roof is going to be placed. When framing the actual roof, it will match these same measurements. Once the wood is placed on end and the pieces are connected to each other, you merely attach them with angled metal corner plates and screws. You can double and triple the lumber for added stability.

Notching Rafters

In order to get a tight fit between the rafters and the frame, you need to notch out the rafters. Cut a small square out of the rafter where it intersects with the frame. Apply wood glue and screws to secure it in place.

Floor Joists

Gable roof framing does not always include the use of an actual usable floor. Many will place plywood under the gable roof as a way to hold insulation while the top remains open. The floor rafters are installed in the same manner as wall studs. Cut the pieces of wood to fit tight against the width of the frame. Wood screws attach them to the outer frame when screwed in at an angle. Metal brackets can also be added, as can a plywood floor.

Pitch of the Gable Roof

When you are undertaking gable roof framing, one of the most important decisions to make is the pitch of the roof. If the pitch is too small, the gable roof will not do its job properly. If the pitch is too steep, the air flow will be hindered greatly. A good rule of thumb to determine the proper pitch of the roof during framing is make the angled roof beams the same width as the gable roof. You will need two for the sides and several for the whole of the gable roof. You can cut the timber to a 45-degree angle where the edges meet and brace them together. You can then notch out the bottom of the angled rafter to fit over the frame.