Gable Roof vs Hip Roof

The gable roof is one of the most common types of roofs that can be found on houses today, but the hip roof can be found on many small business buildings and some personal homes. When it comes to practicality of the two roofs, they are both equally adequate in protecting your home from the weather, but the gable roof is more stylish than the hip roof. Gable roofs, however, are not recommended on houses within hurricane regions because they do not hold up to as high of winds as the hip roof.

What is a Gable Roof?

A gable roof has a peak at the top of the roof, and two roof pitches that join into it. This leaves two sides of the house to have peaks in the siding, which is common on new and old construction. The gable roof is the easiest style of roof to build, and is the least expensive because of the limited amounts of materials needed. The rafters that form this type of peak can easily be made after the original angle is found, or they can be ordered from a truss manufacturing company at a fairly reasonable price. The bonus of ordering them through a company is that they can all be delivered at one time, and many companies offer the use of a crane to help set them in place.

Installing Shingles on Gable Roofs

When installing shingles on a gable roof you do not have to worry about capping anything but the top peak, unless of course, you have extra rooms or additions that demand you to. This type of roof, as a general rule, is easy to install and maintain, which is the reason for it being the most common style of roof for homeowners around the world.

What is a Hip Roof?

A hip roof has a peak at the top of the roof, and then all four sides join into it. This leaves the siding around the entire perimeter of the house level, with no triangular peaks at the top of any of the sides. Because of this design, the hip roof can hold up to extreme amounts of wind because they prevent any wind uplifts from happening. This style of roof is fairly complicated to build, and is more expensive than the gable roof because the construction of it calls for more rafters and framing to be able to connect all four points. Once again, these types of roofs can be ordered through a truss manufacturing company that will deliver and use a crane to help install them, but the cost will be higher because of the increased amount of pre-made rafters that will be needed.

Installing Shingles on Hip Roofs

When installing shingles on a hip roof, care must be taken to match the angles of all the peaks so that they can be capped, preventing any water or moisture leakage. As a general rule, this type of roof requires extra shingles and more attention to installing in order to match the patterns and lines required when laying the shingles down.

Gable roofs are the most common styles of roofs used by homeowners today because of the ease of building and maintaining, but hip roofs are better suited for homes and businesses where extreme weather conditions occur.