Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If you are changing the face of your galley kitchen, you will need to consider the range of kitchen remodel ideas available. If your kitchen is a galley kitchen, it will be long and thin and have cabinets and worktops on either side. Down the center will be the aisle or walkway, which you usually use to access and work within the kitchen. Most galley kitchens are based on the idea of a kitchen aboard a ship's galley. Most galley kitchens lack cupboard and storage space so make it a consideration when you are designing or remodeling your own.

End of the Galley

What’s at the far end of your galley kitchen? Does it come to a stop, leaving you will just a plain piece of wall or is there a door there, leading out of your property? Perhaps you have a space there that can be reassigned. If you have no door, you have two choices. You might think about adding an extra source of light, like a window, or you might think about bringing the worktop across the gap and putting in a cupboard to enclose that space and use it effectively.


If you are ripping out the whole kitchen and starting from scratch, the main thing to consider is make sure you leave enough space in the aisle, so that you can walk up and down and open the opposing cupboards. It would be very irritating celebrating your new kitchen and finding that you can’t open your dishwasher right down because there’s a cupboard in the way. Think carefully about the depths of the units you buy.


Before you even pick up a hammer, however, make sure that you have obtained a full breakdown of prices for the units you desire. You can get design ideas at your local DIY store or online. Price your new kitchen to accommodate new appliances and set a determined top level budget according to your needs and circumstances. Over spending could end up leaving you with a half finished kitchen.

Sinks and Faucets

If you intend to change the sink and faucets in your remodeled galley kitchen you have a huge and vast range of choices. There is modern, contemporary, country style and hundreds more variants on that theme. Look through magazines and store inventories to find a suitable style that you can live with comfortably. Remember, you are going to be using it for a good few years!


Kitchen lighting is sometimes the last thing on people’s lists. They are more concerned with the operation and aesthetics of the new look kitchen and forget how important lighting is. Choose lights that will give you maximum benefit when used. A light over your cooker is useful and lights underneath your wall cupboards can assist in seeing better what you are doing. Ceiling lights can be halogen spot lights, ceiling lights or any other style you choose but always decide on the best quality lights for the size and shape of your kitchen remodel.


Do not neglect to plan you workspace correctly. Remember the triangle between the fridge, sink and cooker. Make this your primary route but plan your kitchen so that you have plenty worktop space to place dishes on for serving. Do not leave yourself wanting for surface area as this will lead to you not wanting to spend as much time in the kitchen as you might have done.