Game Room Accessories - All About Pinball Machines Game Room Accessories - All About Pinball Machines

A pinball machine is one of the best game room accessories, not to mention classic entertainment and a pleasure for any age. With auctioning and sales sites like eBay and Craigslist, you can find the perfect pinball machine, whether new or antique.

Pinball Basics

Pinball is a classic arcade-style game played on a large machine. The machine is shaped like lopsided table backed by a large screen, called the 'backglass.'

The game is played by using a 'plunger' to launch first launching the ball into the 'playing field.' The ball bounces around the playing field, scoring points each time it hits a specific object.

Because the machine is slanted towards the player, the ball always ends up rolling that way. Near the bottom of the playing field are two 'flippers' which are controlled by buttons on each side of the table. The player uses them to flick the ball back into the playing field to score more points. In many machine, the ball triggers noises and lights.

The score is displayed on the backglass. Newer electronic models store high scores.

Styles of Pinball

Pinball has strong ties to pop-culture, making it friendly for any game room or billiard room. Most pinball machines have some sort of theme. Because it is an arcade game, the backglass will always have bright, flashing lights, vivid colors and a popular theme like The Addams Family or Star Wars.

One of the most endearing elements of the pinball machine are the classic, vintage design and theme. This is also the best part of selecting your own machine.

Your Own Pinball Machine

A pinball machine will provide endless entertainment to people of all ages. An ongoing high score challenges family and guests to play harder. A pinball machine gives kids something to do besides play video games, strengthening hand-eye coordination at the same time. 

Not only will a machine provide entertainment, but it will add a unique accent to your home and increase its overall value. Finding your perfect pinball machine isn’t difficult. Visit websites and specialty stores to get an idea of what is available. There may even be a machine themed after your favorite movie or team.

Making the Investment

A pinball machine generally costs between $2,000 and $4,000. It is an investment that will last many years. If you are looking to spend less, take more time to explore less expensive options. Keep in mind you may need to pay more for particularly popular models.

Before buying, make sure any pinball machine works properly. Plug it in and test knobs, buttons and electronic components. Also make sure you have room in your home for a large machine, as well as access to an outlet.

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