Game Room Accessories - Decorating Your Walls Game Room Accessories - Decorating Your Walls

Using unique game room accessories to decorate your walls will bring you comfort on a daily basis and style when company arrives. Choose decorations according to the type of game room and who uses it. Follow these tips to make sure your finished game room is completely unique.

Using the Internet

The Internet provides instant access to millions of unique decorative items for your game room. On websites like eBay, people all over the world are selling hard-to-find or one-of-a-kind accessories. Look for vintage signs, clocks, neon signs, plaques and classic posters for sale.

You can also explore pawn shops and garage sales, though they won't offer the same expansive selection you will find online. This will also allow you to make decorating your game room a bit of a hobby. You can sell your own older items in order to make room (and extra cash!) for something new.

Adult Ideas

Vintage signs are a classic way to decorate a game room, especially when the room features classic games such as billiards, cards, darts, etc. Old beer advertisements, neon bar signs or even classic soda-pop ads can bring a fun, comforting feel to the room.

Wall clocks are another way to add style—and practicality—to your game room.

An adult’s game room will probably be more geared towards sophistication than cartoon characters or games. Shop for framed artwork in a genre you like or that matches the rest of the room's décor. Alternatively, experiment with family photos, both old and new, in color or black and white.

Children’s Ideas

It is a good idea to allow children to use their imaginations when decorating their game room. Explore their interests and talk with them to figure out the kinds of themes and games they are most interested in. Consider having a mural of their favorite sports, games or characters. This will be a truly original and memorable accent.

For something a bit more simple, explore the Internet for unique posters of their favorite things. You can mount them or put them in inexpensive frames to give the room a classier look.

You can also buy life-size cutouts of famous athletes and characters that simply stick right on the wall. With all the choices available, the key is to figure out what your child would most enjoy having in the room.

Universal Ideas

A flat-panel television will work in a children’s game room as well as an adult’s. When you have friends over to watch the big fight or the World Series, enjoy the event in your game room with a wall-mounted, high-definition television. You can also use this to watch movies with your family or play video games with your kids. 

Consider a stereo system beyond just an old boombox or an iPod with speakers. Music sets the mood for any gathering, so a great stereo system can translate to great parties in your game room.

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