Game Room Flooring - Carpet or Tile?

You need to make a choice about your game room flooring choosing between carpet and tile. Each has obvious advantages. However, you want to make a good choice that is easy to live with because you don’t plan on remodeling the room for some years to come. Therefore, doing a little research to gain a bit more knowledge is going to help you make a wise choice that best suits your needs.


The initial installation costs and long-term maintenance costs should be considered when choosing between carpet and linoleum tile flooring. Evaluate the costs for each before considering appearance.


Composition tiles (like linoleum) have an average installation cost of $27.50 per 100 square feet. Synthetic carpeting has an average installation cost of $49.88 per 100 square feet.


Tile carries an annual cost per 100 square feet of $.503 while carpeting has an annual cost of $2.517.

Life Span

Tiles have great durability lasting an average 16.2 years compared to the average carpet life span of 6 years.

Appearance and Feel

Understandably, there is a great difference in appearance and feel between a tiled or carpeted floor. Carpeting is soft to the touch absorbing sound and light where tile is smooth and reflective.

When choosing carpet, select an indoor/outdoor variety for greater maintenance value.