Game Room Ideas- Choosing Arcade Games Game Room Ideas- Choosing Arcade Games

Although some game room ideas include classic arcade choices, many today are video-based. When deciding what type to add to a game room, consider if you want to settle on a nostalgic theme or incorporate modern day technology.

Classic Games
A few popular classic arcade games are still popular choices for a game room including:

  • Shuffleboard – This is a fun game that can be played by single or multiple players and is appropriate for all age levels and skills. Choose the largest shuffleboard table length that can fit in the available space.
  • Foosball – is an old game originating in the late 1800s as a simple wood box with wood dowel rods in Western Europe, It was designed to mimic “football” known as soccer in the United States. The game gained increased popularity after World War II with manufactured models available for both home and commercial use. Table design varies greatly and models are available in many furniture styles to compliment available décor.
  • Air Hockey – is a very popular arcade game that is also appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Buy the largest model available to fit the space for extra added fun.

Check online for deals on refurbished arcade games to save money on your home entertainment needs.

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