Garage Additions: Things to Know Before You Build Garage Additions: Things to Know Before You Build

Though it can be an exciting project, there are many things to know before you build garage additions. This will ensure not only that the construction of the addition goes smoothly but also that you finish up with the exact addition that you want. Garage additions are major projects that require a large amount of foresight and planning.

Planning Permission  

On deciding that you want to construct an addition to your garage, you must determine whether you require planning permission for the work that you want. For example, if you are seeking to build a dwelling rather than storage space, you may require permits to ensure that it meets particular requirements.

Check surrounding properties to determine whether they have had similar work undertaken, if this is the case, then you are unlikely to encounter any problems in obtaining permission.

In the event that permission is required, ensure that it is in place before instructing a contractor.  

Suitable for Purpose?

Ensure that your intended project is feasible with the space that you have. Check whether there are any weight restrictions that you need to be aware of and whether any reinforcement is required. An architect or contractor can clarify whether this is required and offer advice.

Take into account how the existing property is used so that you can decide what is required for your addition, such as sound-proofing and/or separate access.  


If the value of your property is a concern, do some research in respect of whether the work will be cost effective compared to the potential value increase of your home. If you are undecided on the use the garage addition should be put to, get some advice from a real estate agent to find out the type of room that would add the most value.

Be aware that the construction of additional living space may not immediately equate to an increase in the value of your home, but this is no indication of what the future value will be. Bear this in mind if it an investment property or a personal home that you hoped to sell in the near future.


Many architects and contractors will provide quotations free of charge so do not feel obligated to instruct the first firm you find. Get several quotes and compare them all before making a decision. Ensure that they cover every aspect of your project and be wary of any that are wildly different from the rest.  

Ask friends and neighbors who have had similar work undertaken whether they would recommend the architect and contractor they used.  

Make sure the firms are legitimate by requesting a written quote on headed paper that bears a company address and landline number. Ask them to provide examples of previous customers who were satisfied with their work. Confirm that they are insured so that you have some recourse in the event that the construction work does not go to plan.

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