Garage Builders' Guide: Impressive Design Ideas

Building a garage is a huge undertaking, and requires plenty of planning. Today’s garages are not just mere car storage, but rather an extension of the home. In some cases, a garage builder needs to incorporate multi-functions for a family rather than just storage.

Sketching Out Ideas

The first step a garage builder will need to undertake is the design. Will the structure be attached or free standing? Will it need to be custom built or from a kit? Free standing detached garages have become more popular in recent years as they tend to make more of an architectural statement and add value to the property. 

A vaulted, story and a half floor can be easily added and connected to the home over a breezeway if necessary. A standard two and half stall garage will easily support a one bedroom unit with full kitchen, bath and living quarters.

Not only should the exterior complement the home, the interior needs to accommodate as much as possible.  Utilizing an architect or space planner is a good idea to be certain all needs are met, and fit within local zoning codes.

Garage Design

Aside from being quintessential place for storage, the design of the garage should be fun to plan. The following tips can be incorporated into the garage or inspire others. 

  • Compliment the Home: While a garage builder knows that the structure should flow with the home, it does not need to be a mini version  The garage can take architectural elements that complement the house but give it its own identity. Creating a detached carriage house style with shake shingle siding and a tiled roof can complement a traditional brick home.
  • Stylized Windows: Utilize larger windows with shutters or planter boxes to give a detached garage a homey feel. This could incorporate dormer style or arched top windows that enhance the exterior to look more like a cottage. 
  • Don't Forget the Siding: The siding of the garage needs to make a statement that the structure is just as important as the house. Modern homes will use more minimal materials. Incorporating stone with siding is beautiful and adds rich color to an ordinary garage.
  • Creative Lighting: Incorporate architectural lighting that adds strength and character to the structure. Lighting is important to any exterior, and under-scaled lighting simply looks like an afterthought. Pole lighting and attached fixtures in the same style as the home will enhance the structure. 
  • Garage Walkways: A garage builder needs to also consider what leads someone to the garage. Stamped concrete vs. crushed stone sets a tone when pulling into the drive way. Covered walkways and lush landscaping are also important if the garage is a free standing building. 

Building a garage can be as extensive as building a house if there are numerous design elements to include. Planning ahead will eliminate costly mistakes, as well as checking with local zoning committees or subdivisions to know what is and is not allowed.