Garage Building Plans: How To Draw A Blueprint Garage Building Plans: How To Draw A Blueprint

When it comes to designing a new garage, it is important to have a plan available that a building inspector, supply house, or contractor can view in order to view all the details of the construction plan. Nowadays, it is possible to create a scaled blueprint of garage building plans without having to pay the expense of an architect or builder. A blueprint is required in most cases before obtaining a building permit.

Creating the Blueprint

There are many software programs available on the market that allows an average person to create garage building plans. However, many times these plans have to start on paper to get the process going.

  • Purchase a gridded paper and a scale to create the layout. Typically the scale of ¼” = 1’ is used. Layout the foundation and shell of where the garage will be.
  • The layout can be plugged into the program and details such as electrical and storage options can be planned.
  • The plan can be continually adjusted on the program before printed. It may take several plans to narrow down the best options. 
  • The plan may need to be saved to a disk and printed elsewhere in order to show the correct scale on a larger paper.

It will be important to check with local building codes to include required easements and proper placement. Some neighborhoods require particular design elements. The blueprint will show the structure from all perspectives, which will ensure the structure is properly built.

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