Garage Building Prices And How To Lower Them Garage Building Prices And How To Lower Them

Garage building prices are sometimes as steep as the prices of building a full addition to your house. Know what options are available so you can cut some of the costs.

Lowering the Costs

  • Size of the structure.  The larger the structure, the more expensive it can be. If cost is a factor, then building a basic structure will keep them lower. This may mean choosing a single wide door rather than two-car doors, or even using less insulation. Do you really need that window? Can you build shelves on the wall yourself?
  • Materials. Factors in the costs of materials include the amount of lumber, the types of siding and the needs for foundation. One way to keep the costs down is to purchase a kit vs. designing and building a custom garage. While a kit may require some help for installation, you will save the costs of plans and extra supplies.
  • Labor costs.  The price of labor can be the most costly part of building the structure. By doing the project yourself, the building prices will be much lower than hiring a contractor. Other labor costs to consider include a garage door installer or an electrician. Any additional sub-contractors will add to the cost, so having one person who can do everything will keep costs down. 

To be aware of what you should be spending, research the project ahead of time and get estimates from several contractors. If possible, consult family and friends for recommendations, or get references from the contractors and check up on them. Ask previous customers about their experiences, including surprise fees, the time it took to complete the project, and the quality of the work. Compare estimates and references and work with the contractor who will not only charge the least, but will get the job done right. 

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