Implement A Garage Cabinet System

If your garage is a mess it's time to think about using a garage cabinet system. Everything will be placed neatly away and you will be free of clutter.

Pieces Found in a Garage Cabinet System

  • Cabinets
  • Workbenches
  • Toolboxes
  • Tool Carts
  • Storage Bins

Choosing What Type of Materials

Cabinet systems are available in wood, metal, aluminum and stainless steel. A garage cabinet system made from wood is good for storage, but it can retain moisture and warp overtime. Metal systems are stronger and come with a powder coating or enamel finish to protect against rusting. Aluminum systems are also durable and can come with a color powder coating.

What Kind to Purchase

The garage cabinet system that you decide to purchase and the cost depends on how you use your garage. You can pick either a modular or custom garage cabinet system. The less expensive modular garage cabinet system is sufficient for a garage used to store garden tools, sports equipment, bikes and seasonal items. A modular system is pre-assembled and easy to install and remove when necessary.

A garage used for working on cars, wood or other projects may need a more expensive custom garage cabinet system. Cabinetry in a custom garage cabinet system is usually constructed on-site and permanently attached to the wall.

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