Garage Ceiling Storage Unit: Installation Tips

A garage.

Having garage ceiling storage gives so much more room, and as any homeowner knows, there’s never enough storage room.

1. Roof

Before installing a garage ceiling storage unit, make sure that the roof is solid and secure. Check the shingles and replace where needed. Look at the wood inside for damp spots. You should also put insulation and plywood over it to protect the items you store in the ceiling area.

2. Joists

The joists in the garage need to be strong and secure to support the items to be stored. Inspect for any cracks or damage. Where necessary, add wood on the side to secure and give more strength.

3. Work from the Back

When installing the floor of the garage ceiling storage area, work from the back of the area to the front opening. Have the pieces of plywood flooring cut to size first to make the installation easier. Finish by adding the front of the storage area, with the door the final piece.

4. Load

Spread any load evenly over the floor of the storage area. This will prevent too much pressure on any single point of the floor. You should also remember not to put too much weight in the area; it’s better to store heavy items on the ground.