Garage Door Building Tips

While it may, indeed, be easier to order premade garage doors and let someone else worry about building them, garage door building doesn’t have to be a stressful DIY project. Besides being more cost efficient than buying them premade, building your own garage doors also allows you much more room for creativity, designing and building the doors that you want, rather than having to pick from a limited selection.

What is Involved in Garage Door Building?

A garage door is basically a frame in which several different panels lock together to form the door. When building a garage door, you will need to build not just the interlocking panels, but also the frame.

Garage doors sit in and slide on tracks, but don’t worry: these come in a kit!

Proper Measurements

Measure, and then measure again! You want to make sure that you get exact measurements before you start your garage door building project. If your measurements are off, it will result in not only time lost, but possibly the need to re-cut and rebuild your frame and panels. If you are replacing a garage door, measuring will be a lot easier. If you are installing new garage doors, you will need to be extra careful with your measurements. 


Before building you will also need a clear idea of you want you end result to be. You will need to decide such things as how many panels to have, whether or not you want windows and materials you will be using. A great way to get an idea of your options is to look at pictures of garage doors. 

Don’t be too ambitious: sure that all glass and metal garage door looks magnificent, but what are the odds of you being able to replicate it? Stick with wood for your garage door building project to simplify things.

Drawing out your plans will also help keep you on track.

Buying your materials

If you take your plans to a lumber yard or home building center, they should be able to help you purchase the right materials, including your hinges and any other hardware that you need. Having the plans with you when purchasing your materials will simplifies things by allowing the associate to get a better idea of what you are planning to build.

Special order

If you want to have specific garage doors, but garage door building doesn’t interest you at all, you can also custom order your doors. This option will be more expensive than making them yourself and you won’t have the satisfaction of knowing that you built the doors from scratch.