Garage Door Cable Repair Tips

Garage door cable repair can be a little more complex than it looks. You need to be very careful because of the springs in the door. These can cause injury if you are not particularly careful.


Make sure you have the garage door closed when you’re undertaking the garage door cable repair. In some instances, such as when a garage door has a slack cable, you can make the repair by just cutting a cable end and shortening the cable to eliminate all the slack.


When the garage door is closed, removing the old cable and putting in the new one is a straightforward job. Make sure there is enough tension in the cable once replacement is made.


You need to be especially careful when you check your work. Keep a good distance between yourself and the garage door when you open it; 15 feet gives you ample safety. This offers you protection in case you’ve made a mistake on installation and you’re faced with a spring breaking.


Don’t allow too much slack when you install the cable or the door won’t open and close properly. Make sure that the cables are properly tightened down. Some cables can just snap so you should check every 6 months for wear.