Garage Door Circuit Board Replacement: 5 Tips Garage Door Circuit Board Replacement: 5 Tips

For any unexpected situation that requires a full garage door circuit board replacement, you should equip yourself with these tips to help you find and install the best product. This is an item that should be replaced once damaged. It would be a waste of time to try and repair it.

Tip 1 - Check for Electrical Issues

To avoid circuit board replacements, check the condition of your breakerss, fuses and power switch. A surcharge of electricity could harm any kind of electrical device. Overheating could cause failure or the wires connected to the opener could be burned. These two situations affect the circuit board. Even if the motor is still alive and the circuit board can still function, start looking for a replacement. Another circuit failure and you'll want to change the board immediately. Always be sure to monitor the power plugs and sockets.

Tip 2 - Check the Compatibility Chart

Before buying a specific model, check the manual to see its compatibility chart. A circuit board is not a universal device. The compatibility chart will help you find the appropriate model for your door opener. Even if you've installed a circuit board that's not specifically designed for your opener but seems to work fine, it's still recommendable to find a specifically compatible board. Non-compatible boards may not be covered under warranty so it's worthwhile to switch it with the appropriate model to save yourself troubleshooting time. You can ask for the compatibility chart in hardware stores or ask about a model's compatibility by phoning the manufacturer's toll-free assistance line. In many cases, the manufacturer can also send you this information via email.

Tip 3 - Circuit Board Price

You'll want to consider the price of the circuit board when purchasing a replacement. Depending on the model of your door opener, the price of the board can range from $50 to $300. The more technological components an opener has, the more expensive it will be. If you are looking for a discontinued model, it may not only be difficult to find but also especially pricy. You most likely won't have to suffer through this as the market offers plenty of models with a wide range of compatibilities.

Tip 4 - Life Warranty

To avoid fake and cheap models, make sure the board comes with warranty coverage. In most cases, the manufacturer will grant you a warranty for 2 to 4 years of service and assistance. Check your owner's manual to be clear on what kinds of troubleshooting the warranty does and doesn't cover.

Tip 5 - Circuit Board Maintenance

Before and after a circuit board replacement, you'll need to be properly maintaining the unit. Carefully remove the screws and open the cover to clean out dust from the interior. Check if there is any corrosion because of the weather and environment. Always work with the opener unplugged. You can use cotton swabs and alcohol to help you with this process or buy cans of circuit board cleaner. These are more expensive but more specialized.

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