Types of Garage Door Designs

Garage door designs vary widely and the design you choose will be one that matches the design of your house. Factors such as having a colonial style home will play a big part along with your own taste as to which design is chosen for your garage door.

What Design Fits the Look you Want?

With house designs today, a sizable portion of the house that is seen from the street is going to include the garage doors. The garage door designs that you should choose from are going to be dependent upon the style of your house. With the more contemporary design of houses today, almost any garage door design will fit, some of these are:

  • Traditional panel doors
  • Carriage house doors
  • Raised panel designs
  • Other Things to Consider

There are of course other things you will want to consider when choosing the garage door design for your house. These will include mechanical design as well:

  • Roller garage doors - this type of door rolls to the sides
  • Up and over garage door - this is a solid door that swings out slightly when raised and requires a lot of overhead room to clear the ceiling of the garage.
  • Sectional garage doors - probably the most popular type of garage door in use. This door rides in a track and rolls up to the ceiling without swinging out.
  • Swing hung - This type of door is on hinges as with any traditional door. It's not suitable for short or narrow driveways.