Garage Door Hurricane Brace: A Necessary Investment?

A garage door hurricane brace is a worthwhile investment for residents living in hurricane-prone areas. Below are three reasons why investing in a hurricane brace for your garage may be a necessary investment.

Protection from Hurricane Damage

Bracing the garage door protects your garage, as well as your home, from the hurricane's wind and rain damage. A garage door by itself is rather flimsy and will not uphold against hurricane-force winds. A garage door hurricane brace will reinforce the door against wind and rain. The added strength provided by a hurricane brace will protect the door, as well as provide some water resistance that can support the door in rain and flood conditions.

Protection from Wind

Florida's Alliance for Safe Homes estimates that as much as eighty percent of residential hurricane damage begins with wind entering through the garage door. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the loss of a garage door was a major factor in homes destroyed in Hurricane Andrew. The brace provides the first form of protection for you home against a hurricane's winds. Residents of a hurricane-prone area would do well to invest in a hurricane brace as it will not only resist the wind but also will prevent substantial damage overall to your home.