Garage Door Insulation Kits: Are They Effective? Garage Door Insulation Kits: Are They Effective?

Garage door insulation kits may seem like an unnecessary investment, but the long term savings and long term comfort the insulation will bring make it worth while.

Saving Money
Garage door insulation kits can save money for a homeowner by lowering the price of their utility bills. The garage is usually the largest non-insulated space in a home. This lack of insulation causes heat to leak out of the home and forces the home heating or cooling system to work harder than necessary. Not only does this waste fossil fuels, but this causes the homeowner's heating or cooling bill to be more expensive than necessary. Installing garage door insulation kids will eliminate this waste and decrease the homeowner's utility bills.

Maintaining Comfort
Not only will a garage door insulation kit lead to savings on the utility bill, but it will lead to a more consistent, comfortable temperature in the garage. By improving the comfort of the garage, the homeowners can use the garage for many more purposes besides storage. The garage can even become an extended family space.

Extending the Life of Your Door

Since an insulated garage door offers more protection from the elements, it will last longer than a door without insulation.  A non-insulated door will be exposed to drastic swings in temperature that will, over time, weaken the door and shorten its lifespan.  By insulating your garage door, you will also be protecting the door to serve your home for many more years.

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